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Andrew Haboush
Vice President

Through the loss of both jobs and and my mother late last year due to Covid, I set out into the insurance industry and made a vow to protect as many families as possible from experiencing financial burden in their darkest times and to give those who lost their way of feeding their family a way to make more money then they could have hoped while the whole world was on lockdown.

Family First Life Parabellum is more than just an insurance agency. Collectively, it’s our family business that we always wanted. We’re glad we can finally feel at home and safe with our career and our team. We are just getting warmed up and the future for this agency has never looked brighter.

Parabellum is now a 2.2 Million Dollar insurance agency and currently the fastest growing insurance agency on the west coast. We aspire to help insurance agents become true professionals in their field and maximize their potential. With the best training given to you for free and the highest compensation plan in the industry, our opportunity is unmatched. Trust me, we’ve checked.  

You can trust in the talent and skills of this team to help you duplicate our system and set you on your path of financial freedom. You deserve this opportunity. Click the “Interview Me” button below to set up an interview and watch our company overview! 

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“If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.”

-Tom Petty

What We Do

 We offer life insurance products designed to help you

secure your wealth and protect your financial future.

Our Services


Final Expense

Final expense insurance is designed to cover the bills that your loved ones will face after your death. These costs will include medical bills and funeral expenses. Final expense insurance is also known as burial insurance. Unfortunately, even bare-bones funerals can cost thousands of dollars.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection insurance is an insurance policy that pays off your mortgage if you or another policy holder dies during the term of the mortgage.


Indexed universal life policies put a portion of the policyholder’s premium payments toward annual renewable term insurance with the remainder added to the cash value of the policy after fees are deducted. On a monthly or annual basis, the cash value is credited with interest based on increases in an equity index.

Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIA)

An FIA is a long-term investment that is issued by an insurance company designed to help protect you from the risk of market loss while providing potential upside gains. Whether it’s a cash bonus or lifetime income, we have a solution that will remove the risk from your retirement.

Med Supp

Medicare Supplement, or Medigap, insurance plans fill in “gaps” in basic benefits left behind by Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, such as deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments.

Clarence Enriquez | Insurance Broker
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Nicole BurdaschInsurance Broker
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Andrew HaboushVice President
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Zakariyyaa ElliotInsurance Broker
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Oscar ContrerasInsurance Broker
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Trent Savage | Insurance Broker
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Since joining FFL, I wake up everyday with purpose knowing that I can use what I’ve been taught here to change the outcomes of the families and team members who seek our help. The thing I love most is how FFL provides you the keys to hit the ground running and after earning over 15k my first month I decided to go ALL IN. Start now and don’t look back because success loves speed. You’re with best team.

Oscar Contreras

Insurance Broker, Family First Life

 I choose Family First Life because it allows me to be completely independent and allowed to control my income. Family First Life also provides me with the tools I need to succeed; warm buyers leads, free training and great support system.

This opportunity has allowed me to provide for my family and also help other families. Getting paid at the service of others rather than the cost of others is a blessing. 

If you are looking for a great opportunity, you have high activity and good attitude then Family First Life is right for you. Family First Life will pave the way to your success. 
Clarence Enriquez

Insurance Broker, Family First Life

I started this business because I was looking for a way to get ahead. I am definitely not comfortable living paycheck to paycheck.

While working part time, I made in 3 hours what I would make in 160 hours in my regular job. At that point I knew I had to go all in… so yeah I quit on the spot. Best Business Ever!

Nicole Burdasch

Insurance Broker , Family First Life

I am beyond blessed to have found a company that gave me the opportunity to dream again. I joined FFL in March 2020 with -$2000 to my name.

In my first two months I cleared over 40k, paid off all my debt and now my family is in the best position we have ever been in and I’m helping other families and agents get protected and follow my system. Do not miss this opportunity, it is leaving with or without you. 

Andrew Haboush

Insurance Broker & Vice President, Family First Life

I never thought I would become a licensed professional in the field of insurance… but here I am, truly grateful to have found this opportunity to work with such extraordinary individuals.

Being able to wake up and know that my job is to protect families all over the United States is extremely humbling. What a rewarding business to be able to provide the peace of mind to families because you are putting a shield over the ones they love.

Zakariyyaa Elliot

Insurance Broker, Family First Life

Being a serial entrepreneur for the past few years, I’ve learned that there’s plenty of ways to sell, make money, impact people, and even build teams. With FFL, I now see that you can protect families while also providing for your own in abundance.

I’ve never seen a business model that gives you the ability to personally produce at a high level starting day 1. All with exclusive leads, no need to recruit or bother your warm market, and an amazing free training system that people can seriously profit from. 

Bryan Contreras

Insurance Broker, Family First Life

I knew there was a better way of life other than a 9-5 job. This is the first company I’ve been with that represents the American Dream WHILE protecting families. We are constantly putting families in a better position every time we leave a home with the best products tailored to each client. I finally don’t have a cap on my income or potential. Truly is the Best Business Ever. 

Trent Brown

Insurance Broker, Family First Life

I chose Family First Life because it provides warm leads, the greatest support system to help you succeed and an opportunity that feels like winning the lotto.

I like the fact that day one you can build a team and change the lives of everyone searching for a way out of their 9-5. High comp levels to help you take care of your family while investing in growth of your agency.

To anyone out there looking in wondering if it’s real…it is! It’s just a lot of work, simple, but a lot of work! 

Andrew Perez

Insurance Broker, Family First Life

 Vice President & Top Producer

Andrew Haboush is one of Family First Life’s top agents. You can trust him to have the knowledge and experience you need to advise you on your insurance career. 

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